class fedot.utilities.profiler.memory_profiler.MemoryProfiler(function, path, args=None, kwargs=None, roots=None, max_depth=7)

Bases: object

Visual interpretation of memory usage. Create two png files.

  • function – function to profile.

  • path (str) – path to save profiling result.

  • args (list) – arguments for function in array format.

  • kwargs (dict) – arguments for function in dictionary format.

  • roots (list) – array with FEDOT types each of them is ROOT node in call-graph.

  • max_depth (int) – maximum depth of graph.


class fedot.utilities.profiler.time_profiler.TimeProfiler

Bases: object

Profile code and visual interpret results of it.

profile(path, node_percent=0.5, edge_percent=0.1, open_web=False)

Method to convert the statistics from profiler to visual representation.

  • path (str) – path to save profiling result.

  • node_percent (float) – eliminate nodes below this threshold [default: 0.5].

  • edge_percent (float) – eliminate edges below this threshold [default: 0.1].

  • open_web (bool) – boolean parametr to open web-interface.